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We are services, of Quality inspection with a camera and a robot arm and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Increase your consistency and maintain high levels of product quality with an inspection camera
If precision and consistency are the keys to your project’s success, then a robot may be the answer. A robot will consistently and repeatedly follow exact processes and pre-defined workflows with miniscule deviation, providing optimum conditions for study or analysis.

Ensure consistency and predictable quality. It requires superhuman abilities to repeat the same movement over and over again for many hours with exactly the same precision. That’s why the repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm (.004 in) of the UR robot arm is perfect for automating quick-precision handling.

A robot arm with a vision camera can also be used for non-destructive testing and 3D measurements, further guaranteeing the quality of your products. It can objectively identify and pinpoint defective or faulty parts before they are packed or shipped.

lightweight robot design Because of their small size and lightweight robot design, Universal Robots’ robots can be easily deployed in tight space conditions.
repetitive work tasks Relieve workers of repetitive work tasks with even increased objectiveness in your quality inspection processes.
Universal Robots Lower your operating costs. Universal Robots gives you all the advantages of advanced robotic automation, with none of the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set-up, and dedicated, shielded work cells. The average payback period of 195 days is the fastest in the robot industry.
Moving the quality inspection robot Moving the quality inspection robot to new processes is fast and easy, giving you the agility to automate almost any manual task, including those with small batches or fast change-overs. The robot is able to re-use programs for recurrent tasks.
Universal Robots All Universal Robots’ robot arms are certified IP-54. They will need protection when working in corrosive liquid environment.

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